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Below is a list of manga and fiction properties I have worked on.

Please see my full CV here. (PDF)

Client: Vertical Comics (New York)

Voices of a Distant Star
1-volume manga, released February 2018

Flying Witch
Ongoing manga series, first release March 2017

To the Abandoned Sacred Beasts (from volume 4)
Ongoing manga series, first release (with my translation) February 2017

Dissolving Classroom
1-volume manga, released January 2017

BLAME! (Master Edition)
6-volume manga series, first release September 2016

The gods lie.
1-volume manga, released April 2016

Mobile Suit Gundam: The Origin
12-volume luxury edition manga series, released 2013 to 2015

5 Centimeters per Second
2-volume manga, released as omnibus June 2012

Client: Yen Press (New York)

Final Fantasy VII: On the Way to a Smile
Short story collection, forthcoming in 2018

Kingdom Hearts II
Game novelization, 2 volumes (omnibus), first release June 2017

The Asterisk War (through volume 5)
Ongoing light novel and manga series, first release July 2016

Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories
Game novelization, released September 2015

Kingdom Hearts
Game novelization, released March 2015

Inu x Boku SS
Manga series, volumes 1 through 10, released 2013 to 2016

Blood Lad
Manga series, volumes 1 through 9 (omnibus), first release December 2012

The Betrayal Knows My Name
Manga series, volumes 1 through 8 (omnibus), first release June 2011